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What is it?

Designed to address the problem of natural communication in a complex digital world, the VPen™ gives users freedom to express themselves in the most natural way-with handwritten words and ideas, instructions and drawings.
VPen™ combines two familiar tools, the PC mouse and a regular pen, into a single digital writing instrument.

Just write with it…

VPen™ converts handwriting to ASCII text and sends it straight to your handset, PDA, PC or iTV.
It’s versatile. Write e-mails, SMS notes, calendar entries and URL addresses. VPen™ supports both Latin and Asian characters.
It’s intuitive. You use the VPen™ just like you would a regular pen. Backspace, punctuate and capitalize with a gesture.


Moving the VPen™ makes things move in the digital world.
Just like your PC mouse.
It’s easy. Navigate and select items in menus and graphical interfaces through ‘point and click’. Direct cursor positioning for location based services and website links.
It’s quick. Use pre-programmed shortcuts or create your own, for instant access.
For examples, access your stock portfolio by writing “@stock”.


The VPen™ serves as a joystick for games-on-the move.
It’s fun. A host of new games are now possible on your handset, with Vpen’s continuous motion.
It’s faster! With the VPen™ game play speeds up. Fast, accurate control makes Snake, Solitaire and Pac-Man more thrilling that ever.


Use the VPen™ for drawing and creating graphical messages.
It’s natural. Add graphics to text messages on your handset, and sketch concepts and diagrams directly to your PC.

Download the VPen™ Brochure
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